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The Statement of 2017 –– Mixed Metals & Materials

home decor trends

Did we call it, or what? The statement trend for the end of 2016 that will carry on into 2017 is the sophisticated evolution of mixed metals. From acid dips and satin dips to oxidized copper pots and hand-soldered jewelry, every finish imaginable could be found in tabletop decor, gifts, and fashion accessories. The mixed…

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2016-2017 Trend Report


The NY NOW® summer 2016 market was filled with thousands of new and returning exhibitors from established brands to emerging artisans. Designers were prouder than ever to show off tens of thousands of new and on-trend products throughout the HOME, LIFESTYLE, and HANDMADE Collections. From colorful global goods to handcrafted holiday accessories to decorative table tops, the products featured on the floor managed to…

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How To Navigate The World Of Home Furnishings & Decor


There’s a lot happening in home. From furnishing to tabletop, search through items large and small has seemingly become a daunting task for buyers. Why? Because we simply have so many choices! While it may seem like design is in anything goes phase – the good news is that we are not. According to Jonathan…

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Four Interior Design Trends the Celebs Are Watching

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This year, we launched a mini trend report for NY NOW buyers. Helping our attendees find the best products that keep up with the latest trends is one of our greatest passions. From tabletop, textiles and men’s products, to contemporary design and individual elements such as wood, we scour the show floor to help you find…

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7 Tabletop Trends You Didn’t See Coming


2016 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in terms of the influence on tabletop accessories and small gourmet items. The two largest trends in design are going to make dinner parties and entertaining the focus of the conversations for people using the items found in the kitchen and dining room. A Return…

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How to Make Snapchat Work for Your Retail Business

Snapchat Geofilter

What Is Snapchat? Did you know Snapchat is the fastest growing social network right now? If you don’t already know about the tool, it’s a fun photo/video messaging app that allows users to snap disappearing photos and short 15 second videos in real time. Users can send their snaps directly to friends, where they disappear…

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What’s Trending with Men


A look at the male shopper and what buyers are purchasing to meet their personal grooming and hobby needs For 2016, it is important to look at products marketed to men since men have been considered an uber trendy and profitable group to cater to in recent history. Some studies go as far as reporting…

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How to Merchandise Your Store So Customers Will Shop


You can have the best product on the planet, but if your merchandising strategy isn’t optimized to bring value to your target customer, you’re missing the opportunity to drive massive sales. With retail merchandising, like most anything else, the difference between good and great is in the details. Incredible food without the visual appeal is…

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What’s Trending in Contemporary Design


What’s Trending in Contemporary Design Contemporary design is a style that encompasses a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century. Contemporary design is hotter and more modern than ever, as you will see in 2016. This season’s jewelry, leather goods, stationery accessories, and tableware are heavily influenced by contemporary style….

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What’s Trending in Wood


Wood has been a staple in home decor and personal accessories for ages, but Spring/Summer 2016 brings a unique twist to these areas of design. Revered for the warmth it offers in its various tones, wood offers a special element to any design it is used in. This season, wood is admired for a lot…

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