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What Fragrances & Scents Are So Popular With Shoppers

Apothecary has made a comeback in recent years as the old practice has been revived by modern makers in order to support the combination of fragrances and scents in a wide array of products we use at home, on our bodies, and all the places we spend time daily. Scent Is Designed To Trigger Emotions…

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Consumer Research: Home, Decor and Gift Pricing Insights for 2017

Did you know that 75% of home decor shoppers plan to increase their spending on fragrances this year while 44% plan to decrease their spending on stationery? As a buyer, you have a pretty good idea what your customer continually wants to buy from your store and these items become staple merchandise in your inventory. When it comes…

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4 Ways Retailers Can Understand Consumer Behavior Today

Customer experience considerations have become a huge topic in the design industry in the past few years. After all, we are a high touch, high service industry. As we talk to the retailers that shop the NY NOW show floor, we have found that many of them are learning to navigate the new world of…

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How Retailers Can Drive Sales Using Pinterest and Instagram

Did you know that each day, we upload 1.8 billion images to the social web? As of today, Instagram has 400 million users and Pinterest has 100 million users. Since their inception, Pinterest and Instagram have been driving the rise of visual culture. It is not surprising to see the growth in visual imagery when…

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Color Trend: Black, White and Blue All Over

In our recent article on Pantone color trends,  we outlined nine distinct trends that were driving the color choices of home decor, personal products, and gifts in 2017. Within those trends, bold and unique uses of black and blues, sometimes accented with white came in very strong. In the Reminiscence trend, which we described as…

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6 Trends Happening in Furniture & Large Decor

During the NY NOW summer 2016 market, we spoke with your favorite designers, bloggers, and magazines about the trends they would be watching in 2017. From the evolution of the home bar cart to animal skins, the predictions have been spot-on. This season we saw six trends come to fruition in large decor: Mixed Metals:…

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How To Build A West Coast Brand People Love

Today, retailers know that they need to be more than a single destination for one particular category. Merchandising like goods and products is key to cashwrap success. Over the past 15 years, the smartest retailers have evolved into becoming lifestyle companies themselves through leveraging the brands they carry and causes their customers care about. We…

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How to Use 2017 Pantone Color Trends In Design

Discover nine amazing trends that come from 112 new graphic colors that translate into 1,867 possibilities. In March 2016, Pantone released 112 new graphic colors aimed at infusing new possibilities into design. The colors translate into 1,867 mix use cases in 2017. Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said the set…

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The Statement of 2017 –– Mixed Metals & Materials

home decor trends

Did we call it, or what? The statement trend for the end of 2016 that will carry on into 2017 is the sophisticated evolution of mixed metals. From acid dips and satin dips to oxidized copper pots and hand-soldered jewelry, every finish imaginable could be found in tabletop decor, gifts, and fashion accessories. The mixed…

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2016-2017 Trend Report

The NY NOW® summer 2016 market was filled with thousands of new and returning exhibitors from established brands to emerging artisans. Designers were prouder than ever to show off tens of thousands of new and on-trend products throughout the HOME, LIFESTYLE, and HANDMADE Collections. From colorful global goods to handcrafted holiday accessories to decorative table tops, the products featured on the floor managed to…

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