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Three Trends in Home Decor Buyers Must Know

There are a lot of interesting things happening in home décor right now. From textiles to decorative accessories to home furnishings, there are three key trends happening in this category. To understand the emerging trends in the market, we talked to some of your favorite HGTV stars like David Bromstad and lifestyle bloggers such as Justina…

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How to Create Amazing In-Store Events

“If you build it, they will come.” This may have been the mantra of retailers before technology took shoppers online. In the age of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and an on-demand economy, retailers are looking for ways to continually pique the interest of customers in order to bring them into stores. Today, an in-store event…

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Get a Life(style) To Provide the Perfect Gift

Get a Life(style) To Provide the Perfect Gift   The word itself—lifestyle—is not yet even 100 years old. Coined by a psychologist in 1929 to describe the attitudes and values of a person or group, the term’s meaning has grown exponentially and its use has become ubiquitous in today’s culture. Coupled with innumerable adjectives, lifestyle…

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Reaching out to Millennial Customers

Next year, they will become the country’s largest and most powerful consumer bloc and over time will become the most economically and culturally impactful generation in U.S. history, outspending even Boomers over their life span. They are expected to account for an estimated $1.3 trillion in overall direct annual spending, according to PLMA consumer research….

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Home Décor Market Offers Myriad of Product, Opportunities

Home Décor Market Offers Myriad of Product, Opportunities   With $60 billion in total sales, the home décor market has quickly become an “it” industry. Many say it’s the popularity of home decorating shows that has intensified the consumer’s desire to beautify their living spaces and express their personalities through their décor. New tools such…

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