DAY 1 02.03.19

Leather DIY Demonstration 

Sunday, February 3 at 10:00am
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

Todder is a leather goods workshop based in Newburyport, MA. Our team of four does everything from sourcing and designing to sampling and production. It is of the utmost importance that we control all aspects of Production so that we can ensure our goods will last a lifetime.  

In order to make superior goods we source materials of the highest caliber and craft them together in simple and aesthetically pleasing methods. Not a lot can go wrong with such simple products. We are also excited to announce our new Private Labeling Program that lets you take our goods and make them your own.   

Handmade Designer Maker Booth 1320 


Printmaking Demonstration 

Sunday, February 3 at 1:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

The collection of SAMMI presented here is hand-painted stationery with handmade and recycled rice paper, by the young independent artist Ms. Han-Tzu Kuo. Her company follows her nickname, “Sammi”, which literally means in Chinese, “the one who loves nature”.

Her theme of painting is centered with her observation of images of local people, ferns and plants, and the scenery of the country side of Taiwan, which reflect the lifestyle and the cultural aura of the island of “Formosa”, the beautiful island. Some illustrations are inspired with poems and songs from different countries, and hand written by Sammi in Chinese calligraphy style. With relatively low technology, the hand painted stationary products and calendars are designed to reflect the charms of local culture, people, and the beauty of nature.   

Artisan Resource Booth 1067 

Artist Sammi 3.jpg

Burl Carving Demonstration 

Sunday, February 3 at 4:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

For almost four decades, the Stinson’s have developed
a two-generation family business and an international reputation for producing wooden objects of both art and function.  Each piece serves to evoke a sense of both the wilderness and the natural warmth and comfort found in
a wooden object.

Whether in a carved burl sculpture, or turned wooden serving vessel, the Stinson’s strive to minimize their control over the form, and instead respond to the natural form and elements inherent in the material.  Wood as a living material is rife with unique characteristics and imperfections.  Creating a truly balanced and exceptional piece requires working with the wood and creating beauty through embracing these unique imperfections.   

Handmade Designer Maker Booth 1421 

Stinson Studios.jpg

DAY 2 02.04.19


Electro-Forming Jewelry Demonstration 

Monday, February 4 at 10:00am Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

Jessica Kramer hails from Lincoln, Nebraska and is a self-taught mixed metal artist.  Since leaving the land of Lincoln, she has traveled 6 of the 7 continents of the world and gathered gems, minerals and inspiration throughout her travels. 

She lived in the Bay area in California for nearly 5 years working in metal fabrication and blacksmithing. She also worked in Event Production with the awe-inspiring company Obscura Digital.

She left California in 2012. Driving her cat and belongings to Martha’s Vineyard to waitress during the tourist filled summer season, she met the love of her life. She has rarely left the island and his side since.

HAWKHOUSE emerged as a creative outlet for Jessica to channel all of her artistic musings in the slow and frigid winter months on the island. Her inspirations come from nature and science and her work reflects this.

Handmade Designer Maker Booth 1206 


Weaving Demonstration 

Monday, February 4 at 1:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

PERU Inspired comes from a true sense of place. Peruvian artisans not only make the products; they own the company. PERU Inspired is a unique lifestyle brand where North and South meet through optimism, color, vitality, and authenticity; where culture and commerce meet to tell an inspired story of a magical place: Perú.

During the show, Enrique Arias, born and raised in The Andes of Peru will demonstrate textile patterns made in both cotton and alpaca using his weaving machine. Enrique learned at a young age how to work with natural fibers from his parents. The work you will see has been done in collaboration with our community of artisans from Huaraz.

Handmade Global Design Booth 1568  


Slip Casting Demonstration 

Monday, February 4 at 4:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

Lauren’s pottery takes influence from geometric abstraction found in art and nature. Her glazes highlight the clean modern forms and elevate the surrounding spaces.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Lauren received her MFA from the University of Minnesota. In addition to the functional work featured here, she also makes installation art, sculpture, and public and private commissions.

See more of this work at Lauren loves living and making art in Lakewood.

Handmade Designer Booth 1109  

DAY 3 02.05.19

Woodcarving/ Staining Demonstration

Tuesday, February 5 at 10:00am
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

Percy Appau is a multidisciplinary designer who enjoys making; Rooted in problem-solving design, he relishes conceptualizing, prototyping and developing products with different mediums encompassing print, digital, wood, clay, and iron. Growing up in Ghana, Percy has always been influenced by African arts for its intrinsic aesthetic value as well as continuing to be a source of inspiration for his design work. He worked with Aid to Artisans as a design coordinator to assist local artisans in Ghana. Having created modern and improved African product for Oregon-based, Swahili Imports, he has also assisted with public relations and trade show booth designs in New York, California, Atlanta, and North Carolina since 2006. 

Handmade Global Design Booth 1640  


Pottery Painting Demonstration 

Tuesday, February 5 at 1:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

ZPOTS and Vnoelle = American Art…POTS FOR THE PEOPLE…Eric Hendrick and Noelle VanHendrick began their journey in the arts and clay together 20 years ago. They met in college at West Virginia University. It wasn’t long after meeting, did they realize that in partnership, they would make dreams come true. They began in a tiny old broom shop, juggling homeschooling, infants and a growing family and business. Two decades later their studio, ZPOTS and Vnoelle is a thriving environment training several artists in their ways and aesthetic. They cultivate strong community and serve the world through enhancing the everyday ritual of eating. "The "art" of our work is not the work itself... the experiences and moments cultivated around the pieces... the genuine feeling that happens when you are with them... give them...and receive them... that is the art…”

Handmade Global Design Booth 1513 

artist photo.jpg

Cold Forging Metal Demonstration 

Tuesday, February 5 at 4:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

David Stepan enjoys and explores the nature of materials. From the warmth and immediacy of hammered copper, to the peculiar grains of wood, and the way materials capture time and place. Employing his Bachelor of Fine Arts training and decades of experience as a bespoke furniture designer maker he blurs the lines between Art, service and décor, creating objects that transcend their purpose. Recently moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Jody, they are renovating a derelict early 1900’s feedstore to become their home and studios.

Handmade Designer Maker Booth 1526 

David Stepan 2.jpg

DAY 4 02.06.19

Leather Crafting Demonstration 

Wednesday, February 6 at 10:00am
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

Leather accessories from wallets to handbags are what ROSSEN is proud to present this market. Mr. C.H. Marshall Chiang, a young independent designer, founded ROSSEN with a goal to establish a brand of exceptional handmade leather work. Products are designed by utilizing the remains from marble industries in Taiwan. ROSSEN products offer a solution by applying the new technology of marble grinding and coating leather with a very fine marble powder on the surface. The process reduces industry remains and in turn helps to protect the environment while supporting the creative craft industries. 

Artisan Resource Booth 1069 

Manual process 3.jpg

From Blown Glass Plates to Contemporary Glass Jewelry Demonstration 

Wednesday, February 6 at 1:00pm
Location: Artisan Experience Booth 1260

Gillian Preston is an artist working out of Pittsburgh, PA, where she creates her line of contemporary glass wearables. She studied glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art with a strong emphasis on drawing, earning her BFA in glass. As a result of these dual interests, she worked sculpturally to combine the intimate qualities of hand drawn imagery with contemporary and traditional glass practices, bringing light and character to her ideas and narratives. She began making wearable glass as a means of exploring these ideas more quickly and on a more manageable scale. She introduced Broken Plates, glass wearables, in 2013. Broken Plates can now be found in boutiques and galleries internationally. Handmade 

Designer Maker Booth 1027 

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