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Get a Life(style) To Provide the Perfect Gift

The word itself—lifestyle—is not yet even 100 years old. Coined by a psychologist in 1929 to describe the attitudes and values of a person or group, the term’s meaning has grown exponentially and its use has become ubiquitous in today’s culture. Coupled with innumerable adjectives, lifestyle can be defined as anything and everything — from fashion to food, from dining to interior design, from how we entertain to how we spend leisure time; and then some.

It is no wonder that understanding “lifestyle” and its various iterations is a must for retailers; in particular those retailers serving the gift, home and accessories niches. And it is especially important today. The marketplace is experiencing a dynamic shift in consumer demands as Boomer consumption diminishes and Millennial shoppers step up to the buyer forefront.

Your Customer Base is Changing — So Should Your Merchandise