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Home Décor Market Offers Myriad of Product, Opportunities

With $60 billion in total sales, the home décor market has quickly become an “it” industry. Many say it’s the popularity of home decorating shows that has intensified the consumer’s desire to beautify their living spaces and express their personalities through their décor. New tools such as Pinterest and the abundance of design blogs have contributed as well. Bombarded daily with how-to’s and easily attainable makeover ideas, consumers have begun to look around their homes and find ways that they too can make a design statement.

While creating a beautifully polished and cohesive aesthetic once required an expert eye, today’s consumers have the confidence, tools, time and budget to achieve success in home decorating on their own. Home and gift retailers have given them the resources, while discovering that they also can capitalize on this popular category of products in a big way. These savvy retailers know that with their higher price tags, home accents can increase annual sales and grow business significantly. For their part, manufacturers have responded with an impressive breadth and depth of product to satisfy any taste, income level or retail customer’s needs.

So what makes home décor products so attractive?