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How to Incorporate Trend Sales into Your Selling Strategy

The word “trend” can often be misleading. After all, what appears as a trend to one person may be a part of someone else’s regular routine. This said, as a merchant, it’s important to understand what trends exist based on your unique target market, inventory assortment and overall sales expectations. By factoring in these three…

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3 Trends to Merchandise Near Your Point-of-Sale

The importance of your check-out area is among the most valuable spots within any given shop. After all, it’s at this location that a customer has identified that they plan to spend money at your store and as a result, will extend their consumer experience with you. During this process, it’s important to leverage the…

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Download The Men’s and Women’s Accessories Report

Any seasoned retailer, buyer or store owner knows that accessories are extremely important to store and online sales. Accessories sell on their own, as well as power add-on sales with your customers. To build upon our latest market recap, we created this dedicated guide to help you see what’s trending in women’s jewelry and general men’s accessories….

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7 Gift, Design & Fashion Accessories Trends You Must Know

NY NOW® Summer 2017 Market had many fantastic new finds and new trends being driven by the established, new and artisan brands that call our Market home. Buyers from around the U.S. and the globe had more selections of “what’s next now” than ever before. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for this…

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4 Ways To Be A Successful Buyer at NY NOW

Being a buyer isn’t easy today. Whether you own a gift shop in Pensacola, Florida, a men’s clothing store in New York or a small interior accessories & furniture store in Salt Lake City, Utah, market visits can become complex very quickly. In order to meet your customers’ wants and needs, we’ve created these four…

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10 Best Technologies For Small and Medium Sized Retailers

From proprietor to buyer, marketer to staff manager, small and medium size retail business owners wear many hats and carry multiple titles. Managing day-to-day operations requires an immense amount of attention. When it comes to vetting new retail technologies designed to help make those tasks more efficient and less time intensive, retailers can get lost…

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5 Beautiful Stores Revitalizing Retail on Main Street

From Mt. Vernon, Washington to Ojai, California, Main Streets across America are beginning to see revival. Rural and small towns, once vacant storefronts fill up again; antique stores now sit next to gluten-free bakeries, quilting shops are next to food co-ops, and craft breweries are located next community coffee shops serving organic coffee. Today, 80%…

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20 On-Trend Children’s Brands You Should Know

Childhood is about exploration and learning; kids curiously run around exploring their own self-made fantasy worlds while absorbing, learning and taking in anything they can. Children’s imaginations know no limits and they are eager to discover the ways of the world. A parent’s first priority is to fuel that discovery, learning and education amongst their…

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How Goverre Used NY NOW to Successfully Launch Their Product

Ever wanted a real wine glass instead of a plastic cup at an outdoor venue? GOVERRE meets that need! Created by Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher, this fun new product line allows adults to enjoy their wine from a glass in outdoor environments without the fear of breaking or spilling it. The duo debuted their…

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Three Things To Consider When Marketing To Modern Mothers

marketign to mobile savvy moms

The topic of HOW to market to moms is always a hot one. In 2017, the continual growth in their spending power, coupled with steady U.S. retail sales, has brands and retailers increasing their marketing efforts in order to capture the dollars spent by this social, mobile and price savvy consumer group. How you “market…

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