Key Products to Electrify Your Retail Inventory

By Nicole Reyhle


To become successful in retail, stocking up on the products your customers can’t live without is a must. Yet trends change quickly – as do consumer demands. Keeping this in mind, products that did well last year for your business may no longer be deserving of your valuable shelf space in the days, weeks or months ahead. Thus, it’s important to continually offer your customers new and exciting products that keep them wanting to return to your store. In order to provide this, you need to know about the current trends that your target audience is lusting over – as well as introduce them to your store. At NY NOW, you can deliver on these expectations while also keeping your inventory fresh, vibrant and exciting for your customers.


Let’s take a look at some of our favorite products that can help you bring some of the latest trends to life for your customers… while also increasing the profitability of your retail store.


1.     Stackable Rings


Among the best ways to build profit for your business is through accessories – and looking ahead into your next round of inventory purchases, stackable rings should be a must on your accessory buying list. Not only are they great profit-builders, but they deliver the style that trend-aware customers are looking for. From colorful gem rings to slim metal styles and more, there is no shortage of fashion influence that’s taking over the stackable ring craze. Polly Wales, for example, recently shared a variety of colorful rings to choose from at NY NOW while HAWKHOUSE showcased a variety of metal, stackable rings, as well. Don’t miss out on this latest trend for your customers and boost your sales along the way with eye-catching accessories that will undoubtedly help bring your retail store to life.


2.     Collectibles


Looking to gain repeat purchases in your store? Give your customers a reason to return to your store again and again with items that are known to be collectibles among consumers. Whether it’s frames and accessories from Jonathan Adler or handcrafted eco-friendly toys such as those from Blabla sold by Karen Alweil Studio, customers love being connected to brands and as each season passes, these popular brands are bound to deliver on new trends. This loyalty can benefit retailers – but only if retailers use it to their advantage. Keeping this in mind, consider how you can better communicate to your customers every time a popular brand delivers new inventory to your store. Through social media, email marketing and in-store events, leverage the appeal of collectible items to help increase your store sales. Driving repeat purchases, after all, is a recipe for success for any retail business.


3.     Smartphone Accessories


Smartphones are more than just phones. They are deliver on digital destinations for customers to connect with friends, work from anywhere, explore fashion, scroll social media and so much more. Make sure that your store benefits from the importance phones play in consumer lives by stocking up on stylish, trend oriented smartphone accessories – such as those offered by Iscream which you can discover at NY NOW.  From cross-body phone carriers to gemstone phone covers to portable phone chargers and more, don’t lose sales but not welcoming this important trend into your store inventory assortment. The catch? Styles change. Make sure as the seasons do, as well, you keep up with customer expectations. Added perk? These are great items to sell near your checkout area – becoming impulse buys that your customers simply won’t want to live without!


4.     Wood Décor Items


Products made out of natural wood are hot items in the home décor category right now and they are expected to become increasingly popular in 2019 and beyond.  Be a part of this trend and welcome products made from wood or other raw materials to offer your customers trendy items that can complement their home-décor cravings. A beautiful example of this comes from Be Home, a NY NOW exhibitor from this past August 2018 show that showcased handcrafted, creative wooden products among their assortment. And remember, customers are always on the lookout for unique products and this particular trend draws one-of-a-kind inspiration from Mother Nature herself.  Consider how adding wood pieces to your home décor or gift section will appeal to your customers while also boosting sales along the way.  


Keep your store trendy and profitable with these four additions. Explore more must-have items at NY NOW! 

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