01August 2018

The #1 Reason Attending NY NOW Can Help Your Retail Business

To remain competitive in today’s retail marketplace, you need to have the newest and hottest merch...
11June 2018

The Power of Incorporating Multiple Categories of Inventory into Your Store Assortment

The success of your retail store depends on the quality of your inventory selection. Choosing prod...
23May 2018

Trendspotting: What Retailers Should Know About Home Goods in 2018-2019

Trend implementation is a must if you want to generate excitement around your home goods and inter...
16January 2018

Looking Ahead to 2018: 5 Things All Retailers Need to Know

The start of a New Year is an exciting time for merchants. It welcomes change while also introdu...
04December 2017

Retailer Q&A: An Interview with NYC Based Lockwood

Celebrating ten years as a merchant is something to be proud of, and for Astoria based Mackenzi Farq...
28November 2017

3 Best Practices for Successful Retailers

Gone are the days of opening a store and welcoming foot traffic as an exclusive way to generate...
06November 2017

How to Incorporate Trend Sales into Your Selling Strategy

The word “trend” can often be misleading. After all, what appears as a trend to one person may be ...
16October 2017

3 Trends to Merchandise Near Your Point-of-Sale

The importance of your check-out area is among the most valuable spots within any given shop. A...
05October 2017

Download The Men's and Women's Accessories Report

Any seasoned retailer, buyer or store owner knows that accessories are extremely important to s...
27September 2017

7 Gift, Design & Fashion Accessories Trends You Must Know

NY NOW® Summer 2017 Market had many fantastic new finds and new trends being driven by the establis...
14August 2017

4 Ways To Be A Successful Buyer at NY NOW

Being a buyer isn’t easy today. Whether you own a gift shop in Pensacola, Florida, a men’s clothin...
13July 2017

10 Best Technologies For Small and Medium Sized Retailers

From proprietor to buyer, marketer to staff manager, small and medium size retail business owners w...
06July 2017

5 Beautiful Stores Revitalizing Retail on Main Street

From Mt. Vernon, Washington to Ojai, California, Main Streets across America are beginning to see r...
30June 2017

20 On-Trend Children’s Brands You Should Know

Childhood is about exploration and learning; kids curiously run around exploring their own self-mad...
01June 2017

How Goverre Used NY NOW to Successfully Launch Their Product

Ever wanted a real wine glass instead of a plastic cup at an outdoor venue? GOVERRE meets that ...
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