Calypso Chile

Calypso Chile was created by Marcela Cofre and her family in 1996 with the designs being inspired by a combination of Chilean traditions and nature.Using our hand work to bring incomes to support our family and the families that are our collaborators. Our workshop as a brick fair trade movement, promote aware for social respect and environmental protect as well.

All of Calypso's pieces are hand crafted by glass artisans with over 20 years of experience. Each product is made from a combination of saved window glass and recycled bottles that are picked up and cared for by trash collectors in Santiago, Chile.

Visit Calypso Chile at the NY NOW Summer 2019 Market - August 10-13.
Booth #1267

Calypso Chile_1267_Holly Family.jpg

PRODUCT: Holy Family
Glass scene Holy Family ,simple lines. 


PRODUCT: Tree of Life necklace or dichroic pendants 
Vine, water, vodka, all bottles collected from trash turned on a handmade sandblasted round necklace. 

Calypso Chile_1267_Candleholder.jpg

PRODUCT: Candle Holder
Mandala glass fusing candle holder.

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