ARITA is a group of seven creators/brands of porcelain products, all from the small town of Arita, Japan, which is where Japanese porcelain was born 402 years ago. Through its rich history, Arita’s porcelain has flourished throughout the world, especially in Europe during the 18th century. Its traditional techniques have been passed down for centuries but the creators of ARITA have turned tradition into modern, and have produced products that introduce a new luxurious lifestyle only introduced at NY NOW. All products are Made in Japan with pride. From tableware to home décor, you’re sure to find something of your liking!


ARITA PORCELAIN LAB: Modern and elegant tableware.

Momoco: Teddy bear figurines in a range of colors and patterns.

WASABI: Elegant drinkware that brings you a step closer to Japanese lifestyle.

Koransha: Modern tableware from one of the most prestigious porcelain manufacturers of Japan.

IDA: Fine jewelry in a unique mix of porcelain and 18K gold.

Lin japan: Tabletops with texture and color like no other.

HACHI: The ultimate cookware.


*Sponsored by SAGA Prefectural Government.

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