The foods we eat are constructed with such beautiful shapes and colors, wouldn’t you want to wear them?  With the cross sections of citrus, seeds of dragonfruit, textures of peanuts, strawberries, pinwheels, sprinkles, and the flowers on Japanese candies, Glitterlimes celebrates the beauty that is all around us. 

In 1996, Debbie Tuch created a line of jewelry that preserves fruit slices and candies from around the world and encasing them in her signature glitter resin.  There is something for everyone to relate to.  This line can liven up any season with bright colors and a festive glow.

You can find these glittery gems all over the world, all handmade in Tuch’s Brooklyn studio.

Glitterlimes has been a bestselling item in many museum stores, galleries and stores throughout the years. Contact us for any special projects as well. Tuch worked with Lady Gaga and Barneys to help create Gaga’s Workshop, a holiday fantasy filled with rock candy and lollipops.  Madonna gifted the Starlight Mint necklaces to her crew on her Hard Candy Tour, and we created and decorated the legendary Christmas Tree in Lincoln Square in 2010.  There is always something special to check out, come visit us and see what’s new.


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