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Lexington is an international lifestyle brand created in 1997 by husband and wife team Tommy & Kristina Lindhe.

The Sweden based company has brought a unique assortment, influenced by the typical New England style with a touch of modern Scandinavian design, to the world of interior design.
The company also launched a clothing collection for both Woman and Man to complete the full lifestyle experience in 2008. The brand today is sold at over 900 retailers in 20 markets across four continents.

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HOME Collection, Home Furnishing + Textiles


Lexington provides a complete home textile design concept offering luxurious bed linen, towels, soft furnishings, home accessories and kitchen tabletop. Every item is produced using only the best design, workmanship, packaging & materials, demonstrating the company’s core values of respecting superior quality and sustainable production over all else.

The Lexington Collection, mainly produced in Europe, consists of the core Icons, classic styles which are available all year round, combined with four seasonal deliveries: Spring, Summer, Fall & Holiday (Christmas). Working with seasonal assortments is a very unique feature for a home interior brand, making these collections greatly sought-after. Each season has its own theme that is influenced by trends and colors that are significant for that specific season. While all feature the East Coast inspired design, each collection brings something new to the brand and allows you to tailor it to your own unique style.

Whether you prefer beach chic, classic coziness or urban elegance there is a Lexington product for any taste.

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