Petite Baleine Jewelry

True story…

Girl meets Tahitian pearl... falls head over heels… and here we are…

I love the way that every pearl is different – the shape, the amazing range of iridescent color, the gorgeous imperfection of each. And while more is often… well… more..., I found that a strand of pearls, although special in its own way, felt like too much of a good thing to me. It would stay home, loved but unused while I ran after three kids in motion through full and busy days. I wanted an accessible bit of this gem to wear easily and naturally; I wanted an everyday piece to treasure that would remind me of the beauty and boldness of nature and of the simple gift of a life well lived.

The pieces that I create at Petite Baleine Jewelry are the result of that search.

As I’ve added other gems, stones, opals and diamonds to Petite Baleine’s offerings, I’ve striven to maintain the aesthetic of uncommon pieces of understated luxury, simply and expertly set to remain everyday touchstones for the women that wear them. All of my pieces are handmade in my Katonah, NY studio or in NYC where I work on my exclusive designs and castings to create perfect settings for rare diamonds, opals and pearls. Most of my pieces are one of a kind, with bezels of gold, sterling and platinum fit to each stone by either the lost wax method or hand forged to fit the stone’s unique contours.

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