Pure Placid creates natural products filled with luxurious scents for the body, bath, and home. Inspired by the Adirondack mountains.

The Adirondack Park is a six-million-acre sanctuary flush with sparkling lakes, aromatic forests, and pristine mountains. It’s home to the Great Camps that defined rustic elegance, where the line blurs between outdoor and indoor. It’s white birch chairs and fireplaces built from smooth river rocks.

This is where founder Marcy Miller grew up. Her home inspired a passion for its scents: balsam, clementine, pine, moss, and more. “Here, scents travel between the woods, across lakes, and into open skies. They have a journey and a story. I want to tell their story.”

Our lotions, creams, soaps, body washes, candles, and linen & room sprays are always pure and free of harmful ingredients.

Pure Placid is committed to the Adirondack preserve, its local community, and your health and well-being. We donate to environmental conservation and use recycled glass and plastic.

Want to learn more? Email us at info@pureplacid.com.

Visit us at booth #7973 to receive show specials.

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