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Solveig Studio


Not your grandma’s china, unless your grandma’s freakin’ awesome!

Solveig Studio offers you color, quirk and sunshine on a rainy day. Since it’s inception, artist Kaaren Anderson has explored the animal kingdom with sharpies and paper. She magically transfers her sassy images to plates and platters, fabric and furniture. She makes vibrant, noisy, colorful, crazy-ass fun for your home and table.

Not only are her plates and platters, dishwasher and microwave safe, but they are conjured up, drawn and printed in the wild beauty of Upstate NY.

Solveig Studio products come with a money back guarantee. If you or your customers, don’t smirk, chuckle, grin or laugh with these bold audacious characters, we promise to take back the stock, no questions asked. At Solveig Studio, there is one true vision, to get more joy and laughter into your home and that of your customers. So go ahead, eat up the love and laughter!

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