Far Fetched Jewelry

Thirty-five years ago, Far Fetched and Cuervo Metal began making and selling artisan-crafted jewelry. Today, 35 years late, our vision remains the same - to produce and sell artisan-crafted jewelry that enhances the lives of all that touch it from the artisan supplier to the end customer.Cuervo Metal remains the production arm employing generations of artisans in central Mexico. And, Far Fetched remains the marketing and sales arm selling to customers across the US and beyond. We are a small, purpose-driven team, committed to following fair trade principles by providing a fair wage, transparency, and safe working conditions. In addition to our roots in Mexico we have recently extended our sustainable model to sourcing and selling artisan goods from Kenya, Haiti, Guatemala, and Thailand. Just like our 35-year relationship with Cuervo Metal in Mexico we develop lasting relationships with our supplier communities and beyond.We invite you to give us a call and ask questions about what we do and why. Ask us how we can partner to build more sustainable artisan communities and connect those communities to the world through improved marketing and sales.Together we can continue the ambitious goal that started 35-years ago to produce and sell artisan-crafted jewlery that enhances the lives of all. Our goal is to be a positive force in the world. Join us. Send us your far fetched ideas and partner with us and amplify the positive.

Visit Far Fetched Jewelry at the NY NOW Summer 2019 Market - August 10-13.
Booth #1825

Far Fetched Jewelry_1825_Sterling Silver_Round Rose Quartz Earrings.jpg

Product: Sterling Silver Round Rose Quartz Earrings  

Far Fetched handmade artisan designed natural stone sterling silver earrings

Far Fetched Jewelry_1825_Sterling Silver Rectangle Hoops.png

Product: Sterling Silver Rectangle hoops  

Far Fetched handmade artisan designed sterling silver hoop earrings

Far Fetched Jewelry_1825_J'suis Frenchie Wire Earrings.png

Product: J’suis Frenchie Wire earring 

Far Fetched artisan made sterling silver and brass Frenchie wire earrings

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