Gillian Preston is an artist working out of Pittsburgh, PA, where she creates her line of contemporary glass wearables. She studied glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art with a strong emphasis on drawing, earning her BFA in glass. As a result of these dual interests, she worked sculpturally to combine the intimate qualities of hand drawn imagery with contemporary and traditional glass practices, bringing light and character to her ideas and narratives. She began making wearable glass as a means of exploring these ideas more quickly and on a more manageable scale. She introduced Broken Plates, glass wearables, in 2013. Broken Plates can now be found in boutiques and galleries internationally.

Broken Plates is a line of contemporary glass wearables that combines traditional blown glass techniques with modern CNC technologies. From the surface of either colorful hand-blown glass plates or tints of translucent plate glass, she uses a CNC waterjet to precisely cut a series of two-dimensional shapes.  These shapes are then polished and assembled to create her series of innovative sculptural glass wearables that play with form and light as they interact with the contours of the body.

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Demo Time: Wednesday, February 6 at 1:00pm
Booth #: Handmade Designer Maker – 1027

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