Global Mamas

Global Mamas is a fair trade nonprofit creating prosperity for African women and their families through the production of bold and beautiful handcrafted goods. Ensuring ethical practices at every level of the supply chain we offer garments, jewelry, and home goods with an authentic story.

Visit Global Mamas at the NY NOW Summer 2019 Market - August 10-13.
Booth #1836

Global Mamas_1836_Women's Swing Dress in Tiles Black.jpg

Product: Women's Swing Dress in Tiles Black 

This is a new item and I actually need to get the full description from a colleague that is out of office the next two weeks. 

Global Mamas_1836_Stackable Storage Bins.jpeg

Product: Stackable Storage Bins

Hand batiked and sewn by women artisans in Ghana, West Africa, this set of three storage bins is perfect for organizing in many rooms about the home. Small: 7''H x 7.75''D. Medium: 9''H x 8.5''D. Large: 11''H x 9.5''D. Reinforced to hold shape. 100% organic cotton shell.

Global Mamas_1836_Namib Royale Jewelry Set.jpg

Product: Namib Royale Jewelry Set

Global Mamas jewelry is handcrafted from recycled glass bottles and windowpanes using traditional methods passed down through generations in beadmaking families in Ghana's Eastern Region. Each bead is fired and sanded by hand before being strung by our in-house jewelry assembly team. Necklace is adjustable and may be worn high on the neck as a partial choker, or long. .

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