Handmade® Global Design presents 150 global import resources with a focus on good design, traditional craftsmanship, and community building through global artisan workshops. Located on level 3 of the Javits Center.


A developed line of unique and original work

Authentic designs, handmade through global artisan workshops

Quality craftsmanship

U.S. distribution and wholesale pricing capabilities

Applications continue to be reviewed by the selection committee on a rolling basis.  Once the section is sold out, accepted companies will be placed on a waitlist for space.

Global Design Shines at NY NOW

Traditional Craftsmanship Represented within Handmade Global Design

This winter, 150 international companies participating in Handmade® Global Design, will exhibit sustainable products with a focus on traditional craftsmanship, design, and community building through fair trade practices.

NY NOW® has witnessed a growing demand for handmade and artisan products in the U.S. gift, home and lifestyle markets. Sustainable products continue to be popular with consumers because they offer a connection to a person, and a provenance. This sector will continue to increase as U.S. consumers and retailers seek ethically sourced products that are differentiated from mass-produced products.

All one needs to do to see this demand is walk the aisles at Handmade Global Design where you will be enveloped by a world of global craft. It's more than just a trade show, it’s a global community. From traditional jewelry, and pottery to home decor and fashion accessories, it is here where you will find authentic and original work created through global artisan workshops. All prices quoted reflect US wholesale pricing.

Now's your chance to develop long term partnerships with credible and experienced wholesalers. Take time to hear the back story of the artisans behind the products. Learn how purchasing sustainable, fair trade oriented products can create change. By working with these companies you are helping to preserve cultural heritage and keep traditional craftsmanship thriving. Looking to purchase from Fair Trade certified companies? Look for the FTF Member sign displayed proudly within booths.

Don't miss out on attending one of the many global handmade themed seminars throughout the week. Stop by and listen to industry veterans share their experience in the global design arena. Hear how they have been successful at sustaining global design enterprises.

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