Harkiss Designs

We carefully selected these talented artisans and the sustainable materials they use—fabric woven from the pulp of the kukui nut and beads sourced locally, for example. Harkiss Designs is also Fair Trade Federation Certified, so you can trust that each and every product is ethically sourced and produced.

Visit Harkiss Designs at the NY NOW Summer 2019 Market - August 10-13.
Booth #1672

Harkiss Designs_1672_3 in 1 Antipasto Serving Bowl.jpg

Product: Anti Pasta 3 in 1 Product

Harkiss Designs_1672_Kalwe Oblong Fruit Horn Bowl.jpg

Product: Oblong Horn

Harkiss Designs_1672_Duck Salad  Fruit Bowl w- Handle.jpg

Product: Duck Salad Server

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