Jessica Kramer hails from Lincoln, Nebraska and is a self-taught mixed metal artist.  Since leaving the land of Lincoln, she has traveled 6 of the 7 continents of the world and gathered gems, minerals and inspiration throughout her travels.  She lived in the Bay area in California for nearly 5 years working in metal fabrication and blacksmithing. She also worked in Event Production with the awe-inspiring company Obscura Digital.She left California in 2012. Driving her cat and belongings to Martha’s Vineyard to waitress during the tourist filled summer season, she met the love of her life. She has rarely left the island and his side since.HAWKHOUSE emerged as a creative outlet for Jessica to channel all of her artistic musings in the slow and frigid winter months on the island. Her inspirations come from nature and science and her work reflects this.

We use a process called electroforming, where we hand paint a conductive bezel on each stone & then grow copper on it while it's submerged in an electrochemical solution.

Each ring is hand coiled, cut, sized and snipped out of copper that had a life before it came to us.  All of our copper is recycled in the USA.

Not only do we use recycled copper in our pieces, but we use reclaimed materials in our studio & daily life and recycled packaging & shipping materials.



Website: https://hawkhouse.net/
Demo Time: Monday, February 4 at 10:00am
Booth #: Handmade Designer Maker – Booth 1206

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