PERU Inspired comes from a true sense of place. Peruvian artisans not only make the products; they own the company. PERU Inspired is a unique lifestyle brand where North and South meet through optimism, color, vitality, and authenticity; where culture and commerce meet to tell an inspired story of a magical place: Perú.During the show, Enrique Arias, born and raised in The Andes of Peru will demonstrate textile patterns made in both cotton and alpaca using his weaving machine. Enrique learned at a young age how to work with natural fibers from his parents. The work you will see has been done in collaboration with our community of artisans from Huaraz.

During this demo we will show how we spin alpaca yarn into a drop spindle (pushka).  This process has been used for generations in The Andes of Peru.Then to use this yarn in our loom machine to create different patterns and colors indigenous of The Andes of Peru.



Demo Time: Monday, February 4 at 1:00pm
Booth #: Handmade Global Design – 1568

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