Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is based on a hybrid model of: A Fair Trade for-profit that creates a sustainable revenue stream for artisans through the export of handmade crafts to international buyers.  A not-for-profit, funded solely by the for- profit, that creates various social projects. 

Visit Noah's Ark at the NY NOW Summer 2019 Market - August 10-13.
Booth #1889

Noah's Ark_1889_Electric Wood Bowl.jpg

Product: Electric Wood Bowl

This bowl is made from burning  mango wood by passing electric current through it. Basically a thin layer of water coating is put on with salt and the wood then gets burnt through electricity. 

Noah's Ark_1889_Recycled Keys Chain Bowl.jpg

Product: Recycle Key chain bowl

This bowl made from recycled keys with copper plating. 

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