Project Have Hope

To make this mission a reality, we offer support in a variety of ever-expanding waysWe believe education is integral to achieve sustained success. Our goal is to provide education, at all levels, to each woman. Providing education across the board empowers women and gives them much needed tools to create a brighter future.

Visit Project Have Hope at the NY NOW Summer 2019 Market - August 10-13.
Booth #1856

Project Have Hope_1856_Coin Necklace.jpg

Product: Coin Necklace

An adjustable necklace made using old East African coins and trade beads

Project Have Hope_1856_Elephant Necklace.jpg

Product: Elephant Necklace

An adjustable necklace with an elephant pendant made from carved cow horn


Product: Plush Animals

Plush animals stuffed with cotton and fashioned using African bitenge fabric

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