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Leather accessoreis from wallets to handbags are what ROSSEN is proud to present this market.  Mr. C.H. Marshall Chiang, a young independent designer, founded ROSSEN with a goal to establish a brand of exceptional handmade leather work.Products are designed by utilizing the remains from marble industries in Taiwan.  ROSSEN products offer a solution by applying the new technology of marble grinding and coating leather with a very fine marble powder on the surface.  The process reduces industry remains and in turn helps to protect the environment while supporting the creative industries of craft.

The product of ROSSEN is handmade, using nature-friendly dyed leather, and fine copper accessory with high quality. A layer of really fine coating of Taiwan marble stone powder is applied and coated on the surface of leather materials, to enhance the richness and elegance of natural stone texture, marble color hue, and natural pattern. Moreover, some fashionable product is designed with a piece of Taiwan Green Jade, which is a special kind of jade stone, only from the east coast of the island. The piece of Jade is hand polished to increase natural shine of transparent green color hue.



Demo Time: Wednesday, February 6 at 10:00am
Booth #: Artisan Resource - 1069

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