SAMMI - DART Taiwan 


The collection of SAMMI presented here is hand-painted stationery with handmade and recycled rice paper, by the young independent artist Ms. Han-Tzu Kuo. Her company follows her nickname, “Sammi”, which literally means in Chinese, “the one who loves nature”.Her theme of painting is centered with her observation of images of local people, ferns and plants, and the scenery of the country side of Taiwan, which reflect the lifestyle and the cultural aura of the island of “Formosa”, the beautiful island. Some illustrations are inspired with poems and songs from different countries, and hand written by Sammi in Chinese calligraphy style. With relatively low technology, the hand painted stationary products and calendars are designed to reflect the charms of local culture, people, and the beauty of nature.

Using bamboo brushes as painting tools, Chinese black ink is the major painting material, and also watercolors, and some natural color paints. With sustainable value, Sammi uses recycle paper, handmade rice paper, and ramie thread. Natural materials of tree branches and leaves are hand collected from the local country side of Hualien area. Small rocks and drift wood pieces from the sea shore of the Pacific Ocean are used as the painted base as well. 

Artist Sammi 5.jpg

SAMMI - DART Taiwan 

Demo Time: Sunday, February 3 at 1:00pm
Booth #: Artisan Resource – 1067

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