Our Mission

Sand Straw strives to create a reusable straw that gives back to the marine community. Each straw supports a different sea animal that is affected by plastic waste. By purchasing Sand Straws, you become a member of the growing movement towards clean oceans.

Our Story

In the summer of 2018, a day at the beach transformed the lives of John Weil and Brian Ruthenberg. It was a local beach that brought plastic waste to their attention. The amount of straws on the ground waiting to float into the ocean left a lasting impression. With a drive to make a different and limited resources, John and Brian invested everything they had into their business. This was the day it began…

Sand Straw is a movement to bring attention to the animals we harm, and it is a belief that every straw makes a difference. Each Sand Straw is designed by our team to ensure quality and uniqueness. You will know it’s a Sand Straw by the unique color combinations and connection to each animal.

Founders John and Brian began at local farmers markets spreading the Sand Straw movement one person at a time. In the beginning, they were jumping from one market to the next. Today, Sand Straws are used by hundreds of thousands and the movement has spread across the U.S. This company is a continuous reminder that every straw makes a difference!


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