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For almost four decades, the Stinson’s have developed a two-generation family business and an international reputation for producing wooden objects of both art and function.  Each piece serves to evoke a sense of both the wilderness and the natural warmth and comfort found in a wooden object.   Whether in a carved burl sculpture, or turned wooden serving vessel, the Stinson’s strive to minimize their control over the form, and instead respond to the natural form and elements inherent in the material.  Wood as a living material is rife with unique characteristics and imperfections.  Creating a truly balanced and exceptional piece requires working with the wood and creating beauty through embracing these unique imperfections.

A burl is grown on a tree as part of the healing process after experiencing an injury or stress in its growth.  Our burls are reclaimed or harvested as part of the management of certified Canadian forests, and then buried outside in composted wood shavings for between 6-18 months.  By burying the burls, we create an insulated warm environment ideal for accelerating the natural wood aging process, generating unique spaulting colour patterns in the wood.  The longer a burl is buried, the darker and more dramatic the generation of spaulting patterns becomes.After aging for the desired period, burls are dug up and the exterior bark is removed with a hammer or mallet.  A chainsaw is then utilized for initial material removal by cutting wedges and relief cuts into the solid interior of the burl.  A handheld angle grinder with a chainsaw disk head is used for the majority of detail carving.  By passing the chainsaw disk head across the interior surface of the burl, we are able to slowly and carefully shave away fine layers of the wood.  Once the desired final form is achieved, each burl is set aside to stabilize and dry for 3-4 weeks.  Once dry, the interior of each burl is sanded through five progressively finer grits of sandpaper and then finished using a "french polish" style application, where we hand polish our finish deeply into the grain of the wood three times over 72 hours.  

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Stinson Studios Inc

Demo Time: Sunday, February 3 at 4:00pm
Booth #: Handmade Designer Maker – 1421

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