The history of TENSIRA begins in Western Africa, in a small Guinean village specialized in the dyeing of indigo. It was in this unique artisanal environment that Hamidou grew up. His mother was an artisanal indigo dyer artist for more than 40 years. She was his source of inspiration for founding TENSIRA. TENSIRA embodies Hamidou’s desire to continue the unique ancestral Guinean know-how of weaving and dyeing of indigo, and promoting the wealth of handmade textile heritage from West Africa to the global market.

Through the diversity of their exclusively hand made products, Tuulia et Hamidou workshop in Guinea promotes the delicacy and techniques and finesse of African handmade textiles. From weaving, dyeing, sewing to filling the kapok products, everything and the environment. This imbuies TENSIRA’s creations with authenticity and exceptional quality.


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