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ZPOTS and Vnoelle = American Art…POTS FOR THE PEOPLE…Eric Hendrick and Noelle VanHendrick began their journey in the arts and clay together 20 years ago. They met in college at West Virginia University. It wasn’t long after meeting, did they realize that in partnership, they would make dreams come true. They began in a tiny old broom shop, juggling homeschooling, infants and a growing family and business. Two decades later their studio, ZPOTS and Vnoelle is a thriving environment training several artists in their ways and aesthetic. They cultivate strong community and serve the world through enhancing the everyday ritual of eating.

"The "art" of our work is not the work itself...

the experiences and moments cultivated around the pieces...

the genuine feeling that happens when you are with them...

give them...and receive them...

that is the art…” V


A ball of clay
knead and wedge
throw it on the wheel, shape, smooth, pull, form
dry, for one day and one night
trim it, stamp it
slip and dip it
dry for a while then
the artist inscribes it
dry again, for 2 days, or 3 or 4 days and nights, till bone dry
hand sand it
load it in the kiln and FIRE it for a whole day and a whole night
unload it
paint it
clear coat it
load it in the kiln AGAIN and fire AGAIN (over 2000 degrees!)
unload it
sand it
sort it
pull it for your order
box it with a well wish for the world

SEND it to YOU!

We dance with the clay....having a conversation...a collection of considerations...to serve the world within our common ritual...to set the table with gentle reminders of what matters most....V


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Website: http://www.zpotsandvnoelle.com/
Demo Time: Tuesday, February 5 at 1:00pm
Booth #: Handmade Designer Maker – 1513

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