Luxury Lifestyle will be a beautiful and meaningful curation of Fine and Designer Jewelry, Luxury Fragrances, Wellness, Distinctive Gifts and Decor along with high-end Apparel and Accessories.  At the same time elevating the shopping experience for those buyers who seek unique products for their discerning clients.  The new section of Luxury Lifestyle will have adjacency with Accent on Design and Wellness with lounge areas and amenities to keep buyers close and engaged as we strengthen the community. 

"NY NOW is a huge part of our sourcing. It’s convenient for us, And I also love how NY NOW is going into this new level. They’re re-imagining the show and getting very creative, so they’re listening too. They get it, and they’re changing their programs. This market has been markedly different,and I think really improved and very buyer friendly. There’s an excitement in the air, so I love the direction that they’re going in. It’s nice to see familiar faces But I also try challenge myself and go into booths that I necessarily wouldn’t, to push myself to being open, and I find some really lovely surprises. Coming to NY NOW really enables me to find new vendors as well as continue the relationships with my ongoing vendors, and that makes a difference for me. It’s a very efficient show as a buyer.”

Cooper Boone, Owner - Foundry 42+

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